I really oughta bite the bullet and just build a studio here on the farm.

...or at least hold more sessions here after the absolute beauty that we created during Kinsey Leibfried's senior session! I might be biased because I live here, but I think you'll understand why once I show you some photos.

Kinsey's mom, Shannon, tossed out a Facebook post earlier this fall looking for a photographer and a couple of my friends recommended me (thanks so much, Audrey and Deanna!). The family had just moved to Chetek after having lived in Nevada for the better part of a decade, and purchasing a resort on a lakefront was a stark departure from their previous life in Winnemucca. Side note: every time I hear Winnemucca, I hear 'I've Been Everywhere' by Hank Snow in my head. Shannon and I connected via Messenger and coordinated a day and time that would work best for all of us, and they popped on over to the farm on the last nice Saturday afternoon we had for a couple weeks in a row. It was meant to be.

Since the cows were out in the pasture in front of our house, we grabbed a few shots with my favorite ladies. I can respect that not everyone is comfortable being photographed with livestock and electric fences, but Kinsey and Shannon both had prior experience with cattle and were completely at ease with my bovine best friends.

Then we grabbed some photos with the tractors before heading up to our hill pastures and woods! We stopped in a cornfield on the way up there and grabbed some more agrarian magic. Kinsey was so easygoing and up for anything I suggested no matter how crazy it was, and I think Covergirl should change their tagline because she does 'easy, breezy, beautiful' way better than they ever could. We gave her a uniquely Wisconsin experience for her senior photos, and that in itself warms my heart.

After high school, Kinsey plans on becoming a game warden. Her mom told me that's what she's wanted to do for years. Best wishes to you with your senior year, Kinsey, and beyond graduation day! I can't imagine having to change schools, states, and time zones for your senior year of high school, let alone during a pandemic, and you're doing it with more ease and grace than I probably could have. That ability to roll with the punches alone will take you far, and I'm not just talking about from Nevada to Wisconsin.