Life changes. Take pictures.

Maggie Sheehan is a beautiful and intelligent soul that owns her own flower farm and local treasure, Green Light Farm, just west of Prairie Farm, Wisconsin. After farming with her partner for the better part of a decade, Maggie is now farming solo. We wanted to do a fun session to help Maggie 1) feel just as gorgeous as everyone around her knows she is and 2) step into this new chapter of her life and career with all the grace and confidence she possesses within.

I stopped over on a blowy Friday morning with a curling iron and hair products in hand to give Maggie the windblown waterfall curls I'd envisioned for such a shoot (I'm not a licensed cosmetologist but I enjoy doing hair). We'd talked about dresses beforehand, and decided on a long and flowing floral maxi dress that would billow in the wind. Besides, when you're on a flower farm, floral prints just feel right.

Even though there was a blanket of snow covering the valley that Green Light Farm calls its home and the strong south wind was a little chilly at times, we made both of those things work in our favor. In fact, I'm glad for the wind because it really helped to showcase Maggie's easygoing and breezy nature, especially once she started picking a bouquet of field-dried flowers without prompting. If you've ever been on the fence about doing a photo shoot in the snow, or doing a shoot to boost your confidence heading into any kind of life change, allow me and Maggie (and that sweet Rosie the Riveter flower tat on her left leg) to convince you that both of those things are great ideas.

Maggie and I are doing another session in May when her thousands of tulips are in full bloom, and I'm already dreaming of that day. Check our her farm website in your spare time and give Green Light Farm a follow on Instagram and Facebook for your weekly dose of floral fabulousness.