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I'm Brittany Olson, a dairy farmer and retired farm journalist who decided to get really good at photography because milk prices were bad. It helps that I also very much enjoy taking pictures.

I'm a cow-milking, Dr Pepper swilling, storytelling photographer that feels most at home in Wranglers, cowboy boots, and a t-shirt. When you schedule a session with me, I'm going to do everything I can to make you laugh and feel right at home with good stories and equally bad jokes.

I really believe that laughing smiles are the most genuine smiles because they reach your eyes and light them up. Whether it's asking you to recount how you met your significant other, or something funny that your kid said the other day, a good laugh helps all of us feel more at ease in front of a camera. A typical session lasts about an hour unless we get to BSing about cows, red tractors, or the Packers. If I'm capturing your wedding day, you can expect about seven hours of coverage.

Because I'm also a dairy farmer with cows that need to be milked every 12 hours, I typically schedule sessions during the day so I can be home during chores. I can do sunrise and sunset sessions (and who doesn't love golden hour?!) but it takes some extra planning on the farm side of things to make sure my husband can handle my chore load on top of his. I may also have an assistant in tow, aka my son, Titus. He's almost 2 and he's pretty awesome.

You can expect to have your high-resolution digital files delivered via an online gallery within 10 to 14 business days of your session. I truly enjoy the challenge of getting an image and moment right in camera, and do very little editing aside from minor tweaks to exposure, contrast, and warmth. However, if you want me to Photoshop someone else's smile on a frowning child or nighttime fireworks in the background at your morning wedding, I don't think I'm the photographer you're looking for.

If you have any questions, or want to get to know me better, don't be afraid to hit me up via the Contact tab on this site or by slipping into my DMs on Facebook or Instagram. My handshakes are firm and a little calloused, but I don't bite.

2024 Pricing

All sessions are set at $300 plus mileage. Your session will include at least 50 digital high-resolution photos delivered via online gallery. Each session gets 5 free additional edits beyond what has already been done; further editing will cost $40 per image.

The bridal package includes at least 50 engagement and at least 300 wedding photos delivered via online gallery. Bridal packages include 10 free additional edits beyond what has already been done; further editing will cost $40 per image. A signed contract and 30 percent deposit is required to secure your wedding date.


$300 plus mileage

*multifamily sessions no longer offered as of 2023

farm and livestock

$300 plus mileage


$300 plus mileage


$300 plus mileage


$300 plus mileage

MATERNITY and Newborn

$300 each plus mileage, package deal $500

exclusive rights (for business use)

$100 per photo

digital files

$40 per file

bridal (engagement/wedding package)

$1,750 plus mileage

wedding only

$1,650 plus mileage

All pricing is subject to change at photographer's discretion. Mileage is calculated at $0.67 per mile according to the rate set by the Internal Revenue Service for 2024. Because the IRS evaluates and sets this rate each year, it is subject to change.

pricing updated January 11, 2024