Time flies!

No one knows how that feels quite like a parent does. When I did a free session giveaway last year, the Brandt family (one of the sweetest I've ever worked with) was the name I drew out of a baseball cap to be the winner. Nathan and Jenny were college sweethearts that fell in love, dominated at caps (it's a UW-River Falls thing), got married, and brought four children into the world all while continuing the legacy of their family's organic dairy farm atop a bluff not far from the Mississippi River. Beau is their oldest son, and he is followed by Riley, Addy, and Freya.

Does anyone else still spell out M-iss-iss-i-ppi in their heads as they type? I do.

Anyway, it's crazy how fast kids grow up! Freya wasn't even walking yet at last year's session, and this year she was just as busy as her brothers and sister were. That's just one example of how fast time flies - and a good reason to get family photos done every year.

Here are a few shots from this year's session!